Oct 2021 Spent primer container designed with magnetic base,
time will tell if this is an improvement over the original MEC tray.

October 2021 Final design at this point for a powder baffle.
Body is resin, internal components with exception of spring are pla fdm.

Father's Day Weekend 2021 A BRUTE trash can koozie came up in conversation as a gag gift this weekend.
This is the resulting design and second print,
there is an even more recent iteration with thicker sidewall, unfortunately it was gifted before photo was taken.

Early June 2021 Have ordered 4 new Pella window sashes at incredible expen$e.
Each sash requires two sash cord clips which I'm told will likely not be included,
Crossing my fingers with hope that source is mistaken or I can perhaps salvage the old parts to reuse.
In the meantime working on a backup plan for resin printing shown below.

While DIY substitution may be acceptable in a pinch.
No illusion these would be better than original, with exception of replacement cost.

July 10, 2021 Prepping the new Pella window sashes and finding three of the four ordered came with the cord retainer clip and one did not.
Hmmm, did I receive a bonus on 3/4 of the order or was I cheated out of parts on the other 1/4...you never really know.
Early August 2021 Intend to have a string of shotgun hull Christmas lights,
just probably not until next year at the speed I've recently been moving.
In any event, this is a recent adapter design I came up with.


Sept 2020  Have to take a moment to recognize Aussie Arnold Rowentree on Youtube,
his short series on using Fusion360 has been beneficial to me.

Oct 1, 2020 Gosh dang it, just like that Autodesk has now limited a number of features on the free version of Fusion360
and among those would be exporting a project in format other than .stl
 .dxf did come in handy for the laser cutter.
To be honest their cloud concept could be sluggish for freeloaders during peak hours.
Oct 14, 2020 As of this date am now committed to Alibre Atom design software.
It's an updated version of the Cubify Invent utilized here the last several years with enhanced useful features.
The image trace and .dxf/.dwg export features are well received here....
However the cursor is now coarser, the sketch arc menu has fewer options and.....
this is the big one to me, they still haven't incorporated aid to thread creation similar to what the competition offer.

Did give FreeCAD a spin some time back and concluded at my age it's not beneficial to divide effort across multiple formats.
FreeCAD is a good program and if I hadn't spent all those years learning/memorizing navigation on another platform, maybe.....

A free unused SolidWorks subscription (EAA membership benefit) sat idle on another computer for a time, it's now gone.
That's another story for a different day. I will just say boy what a conglomeration to load, no thanks.
Maybe it's cause I never learned French? In any event it's foreign to me.

Aug 18, 2021 EAA announced today Solidworks will no longer be available free for members
Instead Solidoworks 3d For Makers @ 50% reduction off the annual subscription price is the new benefit.
No surprise there to another "draw em in and close the door" approach by a large CAD software company.

Nov 30, 2020 What's been going on?  Where has 2020 gone?
Aside from the recent holdUP/stickUP projects, not much to report from the labz.
Have been busy elsewhere, rearranging areas dedicated to hobby interests not mentioned here...well ok, so I just mentioned them.
Getting more familiar with new features found in Alibre Atom, should an actual idea ferment itself....
Until then, stand by.
Just because I could I guess.  myDesign

Not really sure where I was headed with this project other than to occuply a moment of boredom.  myDesign

April 2020 With spring approaching and no hitch on the Hustler for a lawn roller, (probably for a good reason)
designed and printed this from the least suitable material, which is PLA cause that's all I have.
Attached with M5 socket head cap screws, cause again that's what was on hand.
Let's see what happens.
April 2020 That's right, another useless pandemic contraption aka Whirligig...   Not My Design
Now excuse me while I go check on that "all important" train whistle currently printing.

Oct 2019 The "Hull Whacker Stick" my design
This magnetic hull collection tool has advantage over others with use of flexibile 3/8" hardwood dowel shaft
which allows one to "Whack" the loaded stick on a pail edge to overcome the magnets.
Most others require a cumbersome approach of manually detaching hulls by hand due to a more rigid shaft approach and mismatched magnetic pull.

 EGG SCEPTER ??  my design
Sept 2019 Naw, it is however a nifty way to display an egg to be used as target.
The printed part utilizes a lofted socket for snug fit onto 1/2" dowel rod which acts as anchoring post in the ground.

June 2019 While recently recovering the pool table, after baitingly clearing my throat and boldly boasting to the group present,
"Bet I could make inside pocket covers" as substitute for the felt we were painstakingly attempting to trim and apply.
The responding ridicule was thick enough to even cut with the now dulled scissors currently in use.
Well here it is for all you naysayers....

Click on above photo to see variation of this design in use.
Grape Jelly Oriole Feeder V2.0 my design

Current Version
Grape Jelly Oriole Feeder V3.0  my design

Sept 2018 DeWalt Saw / Shop Vac Bushing my design.

Hey is that a printrbot Play with Matrix Precision bed upgrade?
It was, however didn't care for the upgrade's fitment, so it ain't no more.
Did I mention there are even more printers that have been around here that I don't give mention to?
Didn't think so, that's because I don't mention them.......gosh dang it, did I just do it again, was that another contradiction?

July 2018 Designed/Printed leg stiffeners for old wood table refurbishment my design.

3D printed split bushing my design
For the laser exhaust hose/window adapter.
One piece design was just too big for the printer bed, split and bolted together.
This also reduced printing time by 50% as it was created simultaneously on two printers.