As of 07/18/18 printrbot has ceased business operations.
Fortunately there are enough spare parts here to temper any concerns regarding this news.

My interest in printing started some time prior to first purchase in late 2014
via news regarding SeeMeCNC and MRRF which are both in the area.
After witnessing printrbot evolve from wooden framed
printers to the Simple Metal, I concluded it was time to try......
Stock File Photo
Dec 2014   A  printrbot Simple Metal kit acquired and immediately assembled.
Started by extruding 1.75 mm PLA filament thru a .40 mm tip on an ambient 150mm X 150mm stock bed.
From there progressed to a printrbot 150 X 150 heated bed (not shown) that ironically was never powered for heat.
The MIC 6 platform it provided did however make for a more stable printing surface.

Dec 2016  After months of procrastination, a Matrix Precision 200mm X 200mm bed was installed....
Jan 2017 8" heat plate added to Matrix bed upgrade on printrbot Simple Metal,
along with SSR for bed heat control and heavier Meanwell style power supply.
Buildtak and PEI then replaced the blue Painter's Tape.

April 2017 Switched to printrbot's 150 X 250mm heated bed upgrade.
Winter 2017-18  Ordered one of the few remaining Simple Metal barebones frames
and scrounged the remainder of parts needed to assemble a second printer (shown on left).
Let me tell you about Buildtak which is currently on all my print beds.
It works really well for print adhesion...maybe even too well.
Have actually resorted to using blue tape again on top of the Buildtak to facilitate easier print removal.

July 2018 Printed Z nut bracket thingiverse design
Replaced the original delrin nut on Simple Metal.
Installed the common 4 start 8mm upgrade and the Z axis had greater ease of motion.
Also found my upgrade to have a good deal of backlash.
This upgrade is now back in the parts bin.
Both Simple Metals now have printed lead screw stabilizers and are currently printing to satisfaction.
Your results may vary......

Early 2018 Both Simple Metals now have upgraded cooling and DIY LED illumination.
While both printers have heated bed, the external SSR control is gone.

Nov 2018 Both Simple Metals received Ubis 13s hotend upgrade
along with the suggested 2nd cooling fan.
Feb 2019 Printed a new style Ubis fan mount, matching part cooling fan shroud,
and those nifty Z probe nut thumbwheels. Looking at the color combination
one might wonder if I have a tinge of Prusa envy? Yea, kinda, maybe....

June 2019 You know while Brook was cleaning out in anticipation of his move to where ever it is in middle America
he offered Simple Pro basic frame "kits" with linear rails at a reasonable price.
I need to learn to just say "NO"....