Sept 2019, it's is however a nifty way to display an egg to be used as target.
The printed part utilizes a lofted socket for snug fit to 1/2" dowel rod which acts as anchoring post in the ground.

Sept 2019 Small spool holder designed/printed in two parts optimizing layer orientation
and as exercise of keyed fit between objects.

June 2019 While recently recovering the pool table, after baitingly clearing my throat I boldly boasted to the group present,
"Bet I could make inside pocket covers" as substitute for the felt we were painstakingly attempting to trim and apply.
The responding ridicule was thick enough to even cut with the now dulled scissors currently in use.
Well here it is for all you naysayers and NO I didn't cut it from vinyl or laser it out.

June 2018 A Lesson In CAD my design
This is one of those "do I really need this as much as I wanna make it" projects....

Sept 2018 DeWalt Saw / Shop Vac Bushing my design.

Hey wait that a Play with MatrixPrecision bed upgrade?
It was, however didn't care for the upgrade's fitment, so it ain't no more.
Did I mention there are even more printrbots around here that I don't give mention to?
Didn't think so, that's because I don't mention them.......

July 2018 Designed/Printed leg stiffeners for old wood table refurbishment my design.

3D printed split bushing my design
For the laser exhaust hose/window adapter.
One piece design was just too big for the printer bed, split and bolted together.
This also reduced printing time by 50% as it was created simultaneously on two printers.

Jan 2019 Some of the simplest designs can be the most useful.
This is 35mm high with a 26mm base diameter lofted down to 17mm at the top.
Designed as a mandrel to assist tapping dents out of an old class ring.
Appears to have a faceted shell in pic, but it doesn't, what you're seeing are internal supports.

Cubify Invent aka Alibre is my first choice for design. While some tasks such as threading are easier
with Fusion 360, it's sluggish "cloud" approach can be frustrating
and I don't have the same familiarity with it's it rarely gets used here.
A free SolidWorks subscription (EAA membership) sets idle on another computer.....
That's another story for a different day.