Meanwell style power suppy cover.

Late July 2019 While shuffling items in the garage once again,
a solution was sought for the pruning pole which is too tall/long to stand upright.
Wall hangers were designed and printed to cradle it out of the way.
Whether this turns out as viable solution or not, remains to be seen.

Recently was gifted a new 16v DustBuster and oddly enough they no longer are designed with wall mounting??
I knew a remedy had to exist in the Makerz Lab down the hall and on the right.
Designed this mount for a laundry room cabinet, but in the interim had placed the Dusterbuster
atop the fridge and now seem unable to proceed.
Sometimes the best laid plans aren't........Oh well it's here for whenever I'm ready.

Weary of using a wrench on these Z probe nuts any time adjustment was required.
I designed/printed recessed thumbwheels.

Mother's Day 2019 Grape Jelly Bird Feeder my design

                          Bender can koozie thingiverse design
Feb 2019 An 8 hour print, made even longer when the first attempt crashed.
Apparently my curious mind overwhelmed the Dell 3531's Celeron processor while exploring
other slicer settings during tethered print #1....
Thought I had resolved those hiccups by upgrading to WIN 10 last week and
ditching all the famous Dell bloatware, guess I was wrong.

July 2018 Fulfilled a request to print Companion Cubes thingiverse design,  

And then there's all this plus more of what remains from putzing along with prints,
just to be printing....I guess.