As of 07/18/18 printrbot has ceased business operations.
Fortunately there are enough spare parts here to temper any concerns regarding this news.

Interest here in printing started late 2014 stimulated by publicity
regarding SeeMeCNC and MRRF which are both in the area.
Soon after witnessing printrbot evolve from wooden framed
printers to the Simple Metal, it was time to try......
All of the printers here thus far are fused filament deposition using PLA.
While resin printers have made substantial progress.
 IMHO they still have fume too strong for use in the home
in addition to the ever present liquid state toxicity.

Dec 2014   A  printrbot Simple Metal kit was acquired and immediately assembled.
Started by extruding 1.75 mm PLA filament thru a .40 mm tip on an ambient 150 X 150 stock bed.
From there progressed to a printrbot 150 X 150 heated bed (not shown) that ironically was never powered for heat.
It's heavier MIC 6 platform did however make for a more stable printing surface.

Dec 2016  After months of procrastination, a Matrix Precision 200 X 200 bed was installed....
Used for some time and then uninstalled as it just seemed to be more mass
than the printer optimally worked with at the speeds desired.
Jan 2017 Heat plate added to the Matrix bed upgrade on printrbot Simple Metal,
along with SSR for bed heat control and heavier Meanwell style power supply.
Buildtak and PEI then replaced the blue Painter's Tape.

April 2017 Switched to printrbot's 150 X 250 heated bed upgrade.

Winter 2017-18  Ordered one of the few remaining Simple Metal barebones frames
and scrounged the remainder of parts needed to assemble a second printer (shown on left).
Let me tell you about Buildtak which is currently on all the print beds.
It works really well for print adhesion...maybe even too well.
Have on occasion resorted to blue tape again on top of the Buildtak to facilitate easier print removal.

July 2018 Printed Z nut bracket thingiverse design
Replaced the original delrin nut on Simple Metal.
Installed the 8mm upgrade and the Z axis had greater ease of motion.
Also found my upgrade to have a good deal of backlash.
This upgrade is now back in the parts bin.
Both Simple Metals now have printed .250" lead screw stabilizers from design found on thingiverse
and are currently printing to satisfaction. Your results may vary......

Early 2018 Both Simple Metals also now have upgraded cooling and DIY LED illumination.
While both printers have heated bed, the external SSR control is gone.

Nov 2018 Both Simple Metals received Ubis 13s hotend upgrade
along with the suggested 2nd cooling fan.

Feb 2019 Printed a new style Ubis fan mount, matching part cooling fan shroud,
and those nifty Z probe nut thumbwheels. Looking at the color combination
one might wonder if I have a tinge of Prusa envy? Yea, kinda, maybe....
However, have yet to get drunk enough to spend the crazy kinda dime he's asking for his printers.
Dec 2019  Psst..come al little closer and I'll let you in on sumthang.
It's rumored a Creality Ender 5 appeared here before Christmas and it's awaiting attention.
If true I'll get right on that (yea right) and post pics soon maybe, possibly.

Today's Baby Steps...
Wire support for the winter project shown below.....

Winter 2019-20 Project
June 2019 Brook Drumm was moving and had Simple Pro basic frame 'kits' along with most likely
a plethora of other printrbot remaining inventory; ...anyway to make a short story too long.
In spite of previously purchasing/returning an assembled Simple Pro "back in the day" (height of production).
I went ahead and purchased this basic frame along with a Gearhead Extruder Assembly.
The finished product this time around will be sans the touchscreen, ribbon cable, & original board(s) as the "CLOUD"
printing has long been shut down and the G2 control on the Simple Pro left much to be desired IMHO.
This purchase made perfect sense at the time as the quality of other construction with use of linear rail was just too good to pass up.

A few items do require improvising.
The original two piece Y idler pulley was molded delrin with both halves trapped by bearings.
My first iteration is a split design printed from pla....material choice for ver.2 if necessary will depend on how long ver.1 lasts.
The F6 board seen adapted here is becoming more difficult to acquire,
so while not necessary, the SSR shown mounted on sidewall is precautionary.
Jan 2020 Found a 4 line display and adapter for the printrboard, printed up a Prusa style housing from thingiverse
then drew up and printed an adapter plate for the Simple Pro.

Late November 2019  Designed and laser cut bed sub-frame to enable better leveling and bed heater for the Putzbot Pro project now under way.

Thingiverse File Here

Dec 2019 Final iteration? Re-dimensioned cut file (300 X 165mm) to enable using 12" X 12" birch blanks.
Considered using the acrylic on hand, but with the house sealed for winter, that idea was short lived.
The sourced bed heater (red) can also be seen mounted.
Sometimes one gets lucky ...
The knurled bed adjusters just clear the motor plate and align to trip the X axis end stop, almost like it was meant to be.
Dec 10, 2019  The mechanicals are complete, now it's just a matter of wiring everything up,
which will probably take awhile as other distractions currently beckon.
March 19, 2020 Yet to be tested or calibrated...but it is all together.


The Ender 5 purchased last year is now out of the box.
02/06/20  Discovered the PrinterMods X axis linear rail conversion ordered turned out to be an Y axis linear rail kit when shipped.
Guess I should have checked the package contents prior to starting.

220 X 220 X 250
One of the simplest assemblies encountered thus far.
Have modified the X axis with linear rail and updated the extruder to direct drive.
Probably should get it up and printing before adding any other mods.
It was pointed out to me there may not currently be enough table space in the lab for it.....hmmmmm.
This is for any doubters......More than enough room.


Cubify Invent aka Alibre is first choice for design here. While some tasks such as threading are easier
with Fusion 360, it can be frustrating for me as I have less familiarity with it's commands...
so it doesn't get used here as much as it probably should.
A free SolidWorks subscription (EAA membership benefit) sets idle on another computer.....
That's another story for a different day.
I frequent a good many 3d Forums and have noticed a recent trend seems to be
quieting stepper motor movement either thru dampers or improved board drivers.
My printing is in an extra backroom and honestly to me a printer is
like a child out of sight in the house, it's when you can't hear what they're doing that you should be concerned.
I can often tell what stage a print is in elsewhere in the house just by the sound and find that somewhat reassuring.   
Hey, I've an idea, let's make this page really long with display of a few past projects.
In no particular order.

Jan 2019 Zombie Hunter Thingiverse

Oct 2019 The "Hull Whacker Stick" my design
This magnetic hull collection tool has advantage over others with use of flexibile 3/8" hardwood dowel shaft
which allows one to "Whack" the loaded stick on a pail edge to overcome the magnets.
Most others require a cumbersome approach of manually detaching hulls by hand due to a more rigid shaft approach and mismatched magnetic pull.

 EGG SCEPTER ?? my design
Sept 2019 Naw, it is however a nifty way to display an egg to be used as target.
The printed part utilizes a lofted socket for snug fit onto 1/2" dowel rod which acts as anchoring post in the ground.

June 2019 While recently recovering the pool table, after baitingly clearing my throat and boldly boasting to the group present,
"Bet I could make inside pocket covers" as substitute for the felt we were painstakingly attempting to trim and apply.
The responding ridicule was thick enough to even cut with the now dulled scissors currently in use.
Well here it is for all you naysayers....

June 2018 A Lesson In CAD my design
One of those "do I really need this as much as I wanna make it" projects....

Sept 2018 DeWalt Saw / Shop Vac Bushing my design.

Is that a Play with MatrixPrecision bed upgrade?
It was, however didn't care for the upgrade's fitment, so it ain't no more.
Did I mention there are even more printers that are or have been around here that I don't give mention to?
Didn't think so, that's because I don't mention them.......wait a minute, was that a contradiction?

July 2018 Designed/Printed leg stiffeners for old wood table refurbishment my design.

3D printed split bushing my design
For the laser exhaust hose/window adapter.
One piece design was just too big for the printer bed, split and bolted together.
This also reduced printing time by 50% as it was created simultaneously on two printers.

Jan 2019 Brake piston rotating compression tool. my design
Ok, so honestly there is already a cheaply made Chineeze tool around here for the task.
However a blustery day's weather triggered desire to stay in and create/print something...anything.
You are looking at the resulting design intended to fit a 32mm oil filter socket.
This will probably never be used on the Hyundai for which it fits....
But then the real goal was to design and make a functional object, which IMHO was accomplished.

More to come.....