What's going on.....
Yup it's true, I've jumped ship for cheap chineeze printers
220 X 220 X 300
Discovered the PrinterMods X axis linear rail conversion ordered turned out to be an Y axis linear rail kit when shipped.
Guess I should have checked the package contents prior to starting, issue remedied.

Prety good first print considering what little effort I put into prepping this printer.

Creality Ender 5
Purchased 12/01/2019, converted to direct drive and X axis linear rail during assembly sometime in February 2020.
Powered up for first print April 2020; hey that's just the way I roll these days....
Did I mention have yet to even scroll thru the onboard menu.
All that was really done was a casual physical bed level with copier paper about a month ago.

Aug 2020 Knock on wood, cross my fingers , or whatever
Procured another Ender 5 for a family member, these thangs are workhorses.

Interest here in printing started late 2014 stimulated by publicity
regarding SeeMeCNC and MRRF which are both in the area.
Soon after witnessing printrbot evolve from wooden framed
printers to the Simple Metal, it was time to try......
First printer was a Simple Metal procured Dec 2014.

As of 07/18/18 printrbot has ceased business operations.
Fortunately there were enough spare parts here to temper any concerns regarding that news.

All of the printers here thus far are fused filament deposition using PLA.
While resin printers have made substantial progress.
 IMHO they still have fume too strong for use in the home
in addition to the ever present liquid state toxicity.
Aug 2020  Wait a minute back up, what happened to all the printrbots here?
With the exception of one NIB Play retained for posterity(?)
all of the other printrbots are now gone
And in spite of previously declaring the pitfalls of resin printing........
All I'll say is stay tuned ...more on that later.

Geez, is it later already, where does time go?
First resin print  
Wham Bam build plate on order as current adhesion is overpowering.

Second resin print, if only FDM presented this fine of detail, aprox 30mm tall.

Ummmmm, get you a whiff of that toxic resin.
Actually the Elegoo water soluble resin isn't that bad, just the same,
printer is currently set up in the Lab Annex aka garage.
Have also acquired an Anycubic Wash Station.
 While frequenting a good many 3d Forums, have noticed a recent trend seems to be
quieting stepper motor movement either thru dampers or improved board drivers.
 Printing here is in an extra backroom... errrr I mean the Lab and honestly to me a printer is
like a child out of sight in the house, it's when you can't hear what they're doing that you should be concerned.
I can often tell what stage a print is in elsewhere in the house just by the sound and find that somewhat reassuring.