TRI ZONE Williams 1979

Had an original for almost two decades.
Drug it around two states with four moves and then
just grew tired of all the maintenance it required.
As you can see, now have a DIY example ready for a cabinet with perhaps larger screens.
But most definitely with the pinball switches/encoder seen in lower left of pic.

GORGAR Williams 1979

Had an original around 1990... IIRC this was one of the first Williams Pinball with limited speech (7 word vocabulary).
There was an electromagnet under the Viper in upper left side that would momentarily hold the ball when activated.
The magnet coil shorted on our game taking out a board behind the backglass....
It was never the same after that and became trade material for an Arcade.

All of the virtual game tables shown here are VPX based as I appreciate the realistic
appearance and rapid flipper response obtained using this software on a laptop
with limited graphics capability..

Jan 2020  Have sourced a USB-VGA cable and no longer require the laptop for either backglass or table display.
In hindsight a USB-HDMI would have been a better choice as I've switched screens which now allows for that.
You live, you learn; speaking of better choice, a desktop is one.

Started by using a Dell 3000 laptop with 8gb of ram and Intel i3-8145U
driving two external monitors in addition to one onboard while handling VPX and I'm impressed.
Still that's not to say it didn't falter with more complex operations.
Also tried an HP with A9 processor and 4gb ram, it appeared to struggle with multitasking a bit more than the Intel.
However it worked ok for simpler tables.

The most recent iteration is a DIY desktop PC with 12 gb ram, i3-8100 mounted to a MSI H310 motherboard coupled to a Radeon RX 560 GPU
originally built last May and brought back to life after crashing this summer out of the blue.
BIOS upgrades while successful, never brought life back to the board. A new motherboard resolved whatever issue there was.
So it has been put to use for this project. Struggled unsuccessfully to install PinballX as frontend....

Mid Jan 2020 Building a cabinet anytime in the near future probably isn't to be....
so both screens are now wall mounted for the moment to make the play experience more enjoyable.

Late Feb 2020 As shown below, now have a 27" table screen with the prior 24" monitor moved to back glass.

Pleased to have made it this far with what little I know.

Woohoo, the FRDM kl-25z board is now installed in the DIY console and functioning as automatic responsive NUDGE on the table.
No more button pressing required in that regard.

DIY laser cut / 3d printed console to temporarily control the wall mounted Visual Pinball.
The design files can be found HERE

March 5, 2020 PinballY became the next choice and is now functioning as designed.
What that means is the 45+ game menu populates upon system boot up
with scrolling selection accessible thru the pinball console buttons alone.

This will remain a work in progress for some time with a cabinet yet to come.

March 30, 2020 The Phoenix has risen or at least a portion of it has.
Using the AMD processor and RAM from a now replaced family member's Windows 8.1 machine
Have cobbled this together with hope of using it inside a developing Pinball Cabinet.
Then again as with all plans. Time Will Tell.
How bout those nifty green 3D printed brackets and tabs?