Dec 2018 Produced from a warped sheet of Birch ply, hence the variation (darker on right)
In this example that issue was moot as it was cut from scrap to shield a license plate for mailing.
What you don't see is the reverse side which also had the destination address laser etched.
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Dec 2018 Reindeer.

Nov 2018 Cut from five sheets of 3 X 304 X 304 mm Baltic Birch
after an afternoon of dimensioning with Corel.
Holds aprox. 400 12ga hulls.
Can be text/image etched as desired.
This example is shown in the raw, no sanding or sealing.

Nov 2018 Laser etched Bamboo cutting board.
Have I finally found a hobby meant to go up in smoke ?

First cuts from 3mm Baltic Birch Ply...
Have loaded RDWORKS V8 and LaserDraw plug-in.
This software interfaced with the outdated Corel X3 just fine.
Electrical connections all looked good & cooling set-up,
so we ran exhaust hose out the window and gave it a go.

Can you believe my offspring ridiculed this door label?

Can't quite bring myself to cut an exhaust vent hole in the room's exterior wall, created this instead.
Window is currently closed, still should give an idea of how the panel (laser cut) insert functions.

ebay Ammeter (3d printed housing)
Mounted on the right side expansion cover, only one small grommet hole required.
In addition was able to remove and hole punch it away from the machine
reducing any risk of metal shavings in the electronics.

Primitive cooling set-up located over the a/c floor register.
Submerged freezer packs utilized while cutting.
A water temp probe used for monitoring.
Pretty high tech huh..hey it works.

50W  300 X 500mm
Early trials/errors, dialing in the speed and power settings required, depending on task at hand.
Remarkably laser alignment has been checked twice and no adjustments required.

Added the honeycomb bed plate shown in this photo.

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