Most everyone can design a gadget or gizmo....
The trick is creating something desirable or useful to others.

Late June 2021  Another 3D/laser cut hybrid project to mount the new can crusher on a garage wall.
Kinda difficult to make sense of the shown prints for two of the printed components, that ironically do not require drawing for .dxf file.
But gosh I was so pleased to have finally figured out how to create 2D drawings in Alibre.
Cause with this software, simple object drawings are a necessary part of the path to exporting .dwg or .dxf for the laser cutting.
Kinda convoluted, but it works.....well sorta.
The Corel X3 here is older than some who might be reading this and as result I've yet to find
a version of .dwg or .dxf from the perhaps twenty variations available to export from Alibre
that will import properly into this outdated program, so the workaround is to first import the .dxf into other software for conversion to .eps
which is then imported into Corel and scaled to the correct overall X,Y dimensions.
Huh, what? Yea I know...but it works.
You know that process kinda makes a precise fit all the more rewarding.

June 30 2021 All of the pieces produced on two different machines dimensioned correctly and fit.
CAD/CAM is very gratifying for someone who strugggles to freehand cut or drill where intended, ask me how I know.

May 20, 2021 For anyone with AO Thompson experience, need I say more regarding the heavy recoil springs?
With lighter springs also comes need for a buffer or so I've read. Being the frugal hobbyist (cheapskate) that I am,
attempting my DIY option, rather than $helling out for someone else's.

May 2021 Leash Holder

June 2021 A hybrid cup holder cover designed by request for a Toyota
utilizing both laser cut and 3D printed components.

After 3+ years of use can't quite bring myself to cut an exhaust vent hole
in the room's exterior wall and am still using this method to vent.

ebay Ammeter (3d printed housing)
Mounted on the right side expansion cover, only one small grommet hole required.
In addition was able to remove and hole punch it away from the machine
reducing any risk of metal shavings in the electronics.

Primitive cooling set-up located over the a/c floor register.
Submerged freezer packs utilized while cutting.
A water temp probe used for monitoring.
Pretty high tech huh..hey it works.

July 2018 ORION 50W  300 X 500 CO2 laser thangy machine..

Using the included RDWORKS V8 and LaserDraw plug-in.
This software interfaces with the outdated Corel X3 just fine.
Of course the compromise is both programs are running on obsolete versions of Windows in this case.


What's better than sliced bread?  Laser sliced Tardis....thingiverse design

November 2019 First attempt to design laser cut precise fit part in Fusion 360.
Bed support for printrbot SimplePro and it actually aligned.....wooohoooo.

Fusion360 was probably the simplest path for creating .dxf cut files
until they eliminated that feature on the free version.